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I am a creative with a passion for impact, surprise, design & crafting beautifully targeted creations. I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation tempered by pragmatism to the table with every project.

"Marion is one of the most thorough and thoughtful production persons I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail is exemplary. Marion can take any idea and improve on it. I enjoy every opportunity to work with him."

− Joe Woordard, Producer / Director

"Truth is, Marion Laney is the best D.P. I have ever met! He shot every frame of everything I have been in that is worth a darn in the last 10 years."

− Alton Brown, Food Network Multi-Host, Director, James Beard winning Author

"Marion... "gets it" without having to "explain it." He adapts quickly to ideas, shots and challenges on every shoot. In short, if you're shooting with a short deadline, Marion is your Marksman."

− Scott Nelson, Executive Creative Director - Nelson Creative

"Marion is one of the most effective individuals I have ever worked with. He brings qualities of both an inspired artist and a pragmatic business person to all his work - qualities that have made our projects true successes! With one eye on the horizon and another on the bottom line, he found unique ways to solve problems and either came in on schedule or ahead of it."

− Suprina Berenyi, International Director Global (Beijing) Management Consulting Company Limited / Health and Wellness Director

"Good Eats is an innovative show behind the scenes as it developed new & cutting edge shooting techniques, one of the key men behind it is Marion. From developing "oven & fridge cam" shooting to being a pioneer in digital & HD for shows such as Good Eats, he will always figure out the best way to do it.
He is possibly the nicest & most pleasant person I've known in this industry, a true pleasure to be around in an environment that can be quite stressful most of the time!"

− Widdi Turner, Chief Whoopie Officer at No Big Whoop! Bakery, Producer/Prod. Coordinator

"I have worked with Marion Laney for over 15 years and he is extremely talented, creative and versatile with his Directing and his Photography skills. He is continually researching the latest technology available to bring the highest quality and most creative approach to each and every project. He is also very personable and a great collaborator."

− Dana Popoff, Exec. Producer/Agency Producer/Line Producer for Commercials & Series TV

""Marion's imagination, eye for perfection and love for the camera has only confirmed his amazing reputation. I feel more confident knowing he's at the helm of the lens.""

− Rusty Hamlin, FYI star & Zac Brown Band Exc. Chef
Network Episodes Delivered
Commercials Lit
Pixels Sacrificed for ART

Mastery of Video & Film

Continuing a duel track of experience and training I merge a filmmakers artistic sensibility with broad technical know-how.

Cuisine and Food Mastery

Earning accolades for lighting, photography and direction always brings us back to food, a longtime love and passion.  With over 300 series episodes about food, many commercials for food brands and overseeing the James Beard Foundation Awards web media categories I bring deep experience and a current perspective to your project.

Tabletop Product Shoots

Finding new ways to photograph and light objects is another of the elements of cinematography I love.  Bring me your problem and I will deliver a solution.

I enjoy sharing these projects just as much as we enjoy creating them. Take a moment to browse through some of my recently completed work.  Let’s do some impactful projects.  Contact me anytime for a free consultation.


I will communicate and expect the same in return.  The biggest failing of our communication: business.

Award Winning Quality

You expect the best from me and I seek to deliver above and beyond.

Content Acquisition Flexibility

Through ownership & strategic partnerships I am not limited by camera or format. Acquire with UHD/6K/1080, Green Screen, aerial, tabletop, moco, scuba, slomo, studio, location, domestic or international, etc.

Wide & Deep Collaborator Network

Whatever is required to plan, shoot & finish your project I can deliver a team who has “seen-it & done-it”.

Ready to stand out?

Marion’s design & camera system flexibility allows you to make a lasting impression


Let’s take the next step and work together